The True Meaning Of Christmas

Christmas is a traditional national festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s one of the most popular holidays in the United States, with millions of Americans planning their trip to the holiday spot. In addition to viewing amazing Christmas displays, there are many activities planned for this festive period. Here is a list of some of the highlights:


A number of traditions surround Christmas. Christmas is traditionally observed as a Christian festival, with decorations, parades, special occasions and gifts marking the occasion. The beginning of December marks the birth of Jesus Christ, who is the holy spirit bearer in the winter season. Some Christians consider him to be the angelic Son of God and others see him as the supreme God.

Christianity celebrates Christmas differently depending on the country. The Catholic Church celebrates Christmas on the 25th December, while the Protestants mark it as Christmas time. Christmas in Eastern Europe is marked as Vitus Corneum which is translated as the search of the Evergreen tree. Others celebrate Christmas as All Saints Day or Xmas. In many countries, the actual celebration of Christmas is sometime linked with the end of the Roman calendar which is why we call it Christmas time.

Christmas traditions started on the ancient times when a certain celebration was observed in the early Christian era called the Winter Festival. This was mostly celebrated with feasting, gift-giving and processions. This is also the same time when the first Christmas tree was brought. From that time, the idea of having a Christmas tree was born and slowly it became associated with the celebration of Christmas. In addition, the festivities that accompany Christmas also developed with different legends attached to it.

Christmas traditions are very closely connected to the notion of getting well soon. This became especially apparent when you consider the early Christian customs regarding Christmas Tree decoration. While it was pretty recent in the early days, getting well soon was an integral part of Christmas and many people who do not celebrate this event opt to get well soon instead of celebrating it. As such, the early Christians began to decorate their trees with evergreen shrubs and twigs that were fresh and aromatic and as a result this tradition got passed down to us.

Another tradition that has its roots in the early days is the photo-coordination between the family members during the Christmas Eve. In the olden days, a photo-coordination is a wonderful idea as the family would be able to capture each other in different costumes and with different facial expressions. The photo-coordination then became a great way of celebrating the Christmas eve. With more modern approaches being adopted today, the photo-coordination is used as an element in the Christmas decorations that are hung on the outside of the house.

There is one interesting aspect about the Christmas festival and that is the Christmas wreath. The wreath used to be made up of all the greenery of the garden and was gifted by the rich families at the beginning of the month. These wreaths were hung all across the town and used to symbolize the healthy blooming of the tree in the gardens. Nowadays, the Christmas wreath is more likely to be made of artificial flowers and put up in the churches. While this is another way in which we celebrate Christmas, the original Christmas wreath still symbolizes the Christmas tree and the spirit of the festival itself.

It would not be out of place to mention here that the true meaning of Christmas has transcended through time and affected Christianity, Judaism, and Islam to a large extent. Each of the above mentioned religious festivals have their own individual characteristic that marks the true meaning of Christmas. In fact, some scholars even argue that the true meaning of Christmas is the ideal time of the year when people come together to celebrate the divine essence of the essence of life. Therefore, the best way of celebrating Christmas would be to make it a time of sharing and nurturing with loved ones. We should remember that Christmas celebrations are incomplete without the presence of loved ones and this is perhaps what makes the celebration unique and memorable.

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