Tips on Choosing Fashionable Vegan Clothing

If you’ve gone vegetarian or vegan, chances are that you’ve had to learn about the basics of vegan clothing. Even if you’re not fully on the vegan lifestyle, you may still want to follow the vegans that have become famous in recent years. Vegan clothing can be expensive, but it’s worth it for the message it sends to the world. Unfortunately, there are a few faux pas that you need to be careful about. Let’s look at some of the major faux pas when buying vegan clothing.

vegan clothing

Wool is one of the worst culprits when it comes to faux pas in the fashion industry. Most people associate wearing wool clothing with the winter months, and while it’s true that wool is great for keeping you warm, most people also associate wool as a type of fashion faux pas. Vegan clothing is often made from other materials, so that it can be worn during the warmer months. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that the clothing itself is fake; it simply means that the material used to make the clothing isn’t animal-derived. Some animal-derived materials, such as leather, are quite obvious, but some more subtle ones may be a bit harder to identify. Here’s a quick list of what to avoid:

You should always choose vegan clothing that’s made from 100% naturally-grown organic cotton and hemp. Many celebrities have come out as vegan over the past few years, and there are more labels popping up every day. The better companies make their clothes from only organic cotton, hemp, and other naturally-grown plants and animals. Just remember that even “certified” organic clothing may not be completely vegan-friendly.

A lot of vegan clothing now comes in styles that are created out of faux leather or suede. These pieces usually cost a little bit more than regular leather or suede, but they’re a much higher quality. Unfortunately, most high-quality faux leather or suede also tends to stain easily, which is why you should choose high-quality pieces with care. Unfortunately, it’s also common for fashion faux leather or suede to fall apart after just a few washes. Make sure you purchase high-quality faux leather and suede that will last for years to come.

Leather and suede are two other common animal products that people purchase to wear as a form of vegan clothing. Vegan leather is usually considered to be lower-quality than regular leather, but that doesn’t mean that it’s without value. If you buy vegan shoes, for example, you should still expect them to be of high quality. There’s nothing worse than getting your money’s worth when purchasing vegan shoes. Make sure you do your homework before you part with your hard-earned cash.

Although there are some well-known companies that sell vegan clothing, these items aren’t widely available in many stores. The best way to find these items is to do some online shopping. Online retailers that sell high-quality, vegan clothing aren’t as likely to have items made without animal products in them. The quality of the products from online businesses is often comparable to what you’ll find at a major department store, although you’ll probably pay a bit less for shipping.

The fashion items we wear should be a representation of our values and lifestyle. Just because you can buy these fashion items at a price you can afford doesn’t mean that the product is inherently good or bad. Vegans do not have to choose between getting a piece of clothing or helping animals. By continuing to read the article below this image, you’ll learn how to choose the best clothing materials while still being in compliance with veganism.

A major benefit of buying vegan clothing is that you’re helping animals who are exploited for profit. Fashionable clothing materials such as cotton and hemp are usually created using a non-humane process. Organic cotton and hemp clothing are much better for animals than any other type of clothing. Non-organic cotton can cause the death or suffering of millions of birds and insects to produce these clothing items. Another benefit of buying organic clothing is that you’ll be supporting an industry that promotes animal suffering. Organic t-shirts for instance will help support farm animals while also promoting respect for animals.

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