4 Delicious Christmas Recipes You Can Prepare In Advance

Christmas recipes are a lot of fun, and some even make for great family memories. Some of the best Christmas recipes revolve around food, particularly fried foods. But, there are some dishes that should be avoided during the holiday season. The following list highlights some recipes that should be avoided during the Christmas season.

Most meat dishes should be avoided during the Christmas holidays. Turkey is perhaps the most common Christmas dinner meat, but it is not healthy. The fat in the turkey grease can clog arteries and cause high cholesterol rates. Cured bacon should also be avoided, as its fats can be hazardous to your health. However, fish is a better alternative if you are on a diet, as fish has much lower fats and is much healthier.

Sausage links are one of the worst Christmas Eve dishes you can have. They usually contain too much starch, such as potatoes starch, which lead to excess weight gain, and excess cholesterol in your system. Pork products, such as sausage, ham, and bacon should also be avoided during the holiday season. Many of these dishes contain fatty ingredients, such as butter, which is unhealthy during the cold winter months. Instead, you should consider serving soups and stews to make your Christmas Eve meals more healthy.

The Christmas dinner table really should not be dominated by ham and cheese dishes. It is actually very unhealthy to eat large amounts of butter, and many people actually gain weight during the holiday period because they eat so much food with this ingredient. Instead, you should be making dishes served with vegetables. Carrots are great, as are potatoes. You can even make a nice vegetable salad with romaine lettuce and baby carrots, which are both healthy and delicious.

A much healthier Christmas tradition is to serve corn on the cob. Instead of the traditional beef or turkey entrees that we have enjoyed for years, try serving homemade corn on the cob instead. It will not only be healthier but it will also taste better, as well. Just add some peppers and onions to the corn and boil it. Then remove the skin and slice it into strips. Add seasonings to the meat of the cob and you have a tasty entree fit for any Christmas party!

Another great idea for healthier Christmas Eve dishes is to serve savory dishes instead of the usual cheese and crackers. There are a number of delicious dishes that use ground beef, turkey, and vegetables to create hearty entrees. If you really want to keep it healthy, consider making a Mexican egg burrito. In this recipe, you will saute some tortilla chips, chopped tomatoes, cilantro, onions, and bell pepper in black bean salsa. It makes a delicious starter to any meal, and the whole thing can be served on a bed of spinach and white rice for a filling and healthy lunch or dinner.

Ham is another classic Christmas food that can be adapted to be more nutritious. Try serving a ham and cheese pasta salad instead of the traditional, unhealthy ham and cheese on crock pot. A healthy alternative is to serve leftover ham with tomato and basil tomato salad. Blend the leftover ham and tomato sauce with some cooked rice, chopped zucchini, chopped carrots, and a touch of sage or parsley for a healthy and delicious dish.

For dessert, why not consider a delicious and easy to make cheesecake? Try turning a pork roast turkey into a sweet bread by roasting it in a drizzle of olive oil until it is golden brown. Place the sweet bread on a baking sheet and top with shredded coconut flour, chopped pecans, and whipped cream. For dessert, simply add strawberries, nuts, or a bit of chocolate to give your dessert with a sweet, smooth texture.

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